Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Chester Johnson Park, built by our landscape construction team (led by Ambrocio Laines-Morales), serves as a captivating introduction and gateway for passengers and visitors entering the Pacific Northwest. Drawing inspiration from the estuary landscape that links to YVR, our landscaping features a dynamic interplay of elements. The use of dynamic paving, passenger canopies, and strategic lighting mimics the fluidity and movement of water, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The park’s shoreline is thoughtfully designed with the grounding elements of stone, driftwood, and carefully selected plantings. This coastal theme is seamlessly connected with the expertise of the Vancouver Japanese Gardener’s Association, which has contributed dramatic rock work, a dry stream, and complementary plantings. Together, these elements compose a harmonious landscape that not only offers a place of respite but also addresses the practical considerations of passenger movement and accessibility from the terminal and SkyTrain arrivals. Our collaboration ensures that Chester Johnson Park not only captures the essence of the surrounding environment but also serves as a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for all who pass through.


  • Landscape Architect: Connect Landscape
  • General Contractor: Hall Constructors
  • Client: YVR Airport Authority